Digital News Update; Facebook, AI, and Google


You Can Soon Use Facebook Messenger to Hail an Uber

Technology and social media are becoming more intergrated; Facebook and Uber are testing a feature for Facebook messenger that allows you to seamlessly hail an Uber from the messenger app. Read more.

Facebook Helps You Party Crash

Some folks (soon to be all) can now search and explore events on Facebook. Wonder what your friends are up to? Need something to do Friday night? Want to be a master party-crasher? Facebook Events has you covered. Read More.

New AI Program Can Learn Simple Tasks as Fast as a Human


A new AI program from MIT can learn to write letters by looking at just one example. People couldn’t even tell the difference between what a human had written and what the AI had written. This might be a major next step for artificial intelligence development. Read more.




Check Out Google’s Beautiful 2015 in Review Video

Covering some of the major events and searches this year, this video seems to bring out the best of humanity. Happy Holidays from LDM!