Your Site Will Need Updating to Keep Up with Google

Robot G doodle Google is indexing HTTPS by default. What does this mean? It means Google is starting to rank secure sites (SSL) higher in search engine result pages. If your website isn’t SSL, it’s time to work on getting it converted.

No More Passwords for Google?

Google is currently testing a feature lets you replace your password with a sign-in process that uses your phone. If they make it a standard feature, you may rarely need to input your Google password. Read more.

Facebook Testing a Business Search Feature That Could Rival Yelp

facebook as yelp
Facebook is testing a search function that allows people to search businesses on Facebook’s desktop platform. It will likely become a standard feature, meaning Facebook business pages and reviews will become more important than ever. Read More.

Facebook Offers Live Video Streaming

You may have already noticed on Facebook that pages can now broadcast live video for their followers to see. It requires a verified page at the moment, meaning your personal profile doesn’t (yet) have the capability.You will likely see more and more of your favorite Facebook pages using this feature. Read more.