We love learning, and we bet you do too, so here are four things you really ought to know if you are going to be doing any kind of marketing online.

1. Google Keywordssearch-demand-curve(1)

For making sure your site lands on the top page of a Google search, targeting a list of 5 main keywords isn’t your best bet. Why? 15-20% of the phrases searched on Google everyday have never been searched before, that’s a lot of unique phrases! Even the most popular keywords don’t make up even 20% of Google searches. In fact most searches are unique phrases entered just a FEW times a day, but there are millions of them! With that in mind, focusing on search intent, rather than just a few keywords is the way to go.


2. Why Facebook Hates Your Biz Posts (unless you pay them)

Facebook used to be the Queen of organic (non-paid) growth for businesses. That’s all changed in the last year or two. Now it’s nearly impossible for a business page to get a post on newsfeeds without paying for it. Why? One reason is Facebook trying to generate revenue, and what better way than making you pay for exposure? But another reason is that people were responding negatively to all the business posts on their newsfeeds, often posts from some page they had ‘liked’ years before. Facebook wants to keep folks on their network, and providing the MOST enjoyable system makes that happen, those organic promotion posts were getting in the way of that.

If you want to know how spend money the right way on Facebook, we have a blog post all about Facebook ad basics.


3. Google+ Negatives

Google+ has been growing rapidly, which is great, but a lot of these users are folks who don’t use Google+ because (a.) they joined and didn’t stay, or (b.) they signed up for a another service (like YouTube) and had to subsequently sign up for Google+. They have very low interaction time (amount of time folks spend on the platform) along with low engagement numbers. How low? Google won’t even release the numbers, probably because they would fall very far from the likes of Facebook. That’s not to say Google+ is dead, if you can find a great niche you can get some nice organic growth, but it’s usually not your main place of focus.


4. Email Marketing Musts


51% of ALL emails are opened first on a mobile device. This means if your e-mail marketing campaign is not mobile friendly, you’re wasting money, slaughtering your open rate, and losing subscribers. Of course this rate also varies by age, with 20-49 year-olds skewing more towards mobile and 50+ skewing more towards desktop. But that 20-49 demographic is HUGE, it’s not just millennials who are going mobile, and many folks are ditching desktops completely in favor of tablets.


We hope these insights give you a leg-up on your next digital marketing project, and good luck!