Lawton Digital now has a clearly defined line of services available to fit what your business needs, whether it’s a start-up or an established company.


Monthly Performance Reviews


The simplest service we offer is our Digital Marketing Monthly Performance Reviews. We’ll input all of your digital marketing data available, from search traffic to social media mentions, and produce a report that lets you know where you are in the digital universe. We’ll provide you with insights on what to do with the info, like where to target your ad money, or what to focus on to go after for your goals. We’ll do this every month! We use a data tool called Raven Tools that costs the same monthly rate as our service. With Lawton Digital Marketing you get a full report and keen marketing eyes watching out for you, and you don’t have to put in hours of time to learn the program and mine the data. All that for the same price as Raven Tool access!


Digital Marketing Retainer Service

Choose objectives

If you need some detailed regular guidance, or you need someone to take the Digital Marketing reins so you can focus on your business, we have a digital marketing retainer service. Every situation is different so every client gets their own customized and tailored approach. Since SEO is an ongoing process, we are constantly improving it, and we make sure to optimize in every area, from blog posts to Google+ pages; they all work together to benefit your website traffic.  You’ll want this service if you are ready to improve your digital presence without sacrificing time from what your work is really about.


Website Development


We can create WordPress websites for small to medium sized businesses. With your input we’ll build your website from the digital ground up. We’ll customize it to your needs and make sure it’s scalable for when you need to expand your business. That way, you won’t be having to make a whole new website every time your services grow.


Website Maintenance

If you already have a WordPress website, or we just made you one and you want someone to keep it in ship-shape, we got you covered. We’ll keep everything updated and working, which also helps keep you safe from hackers and spam. We have 3 different levels of site maintenance so you can get just what you need.

Lawton Digital is excited to offer you these services, we look forward to working with you and helping you accomplish your vision!