Watch the video below for step by step instructions on how to share your Google Analytics or Universal Analytics account with a partner, vendor, agency or colleague.

Stop Related YouTube Videos On WordPress Embedded Videos

Step by step instructions how to stop YouTube from automatically pulling in other video recommendations after your embedded video finishes playing.

You will learn how to fix videos you have already embedded in your WordPress websites, and how to pull the correct embed code for all future video embeds from YouTube to make sure related videos do not pull in.

Most applicable for WordPress users, can be applied to most websites where you can access your source code.

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How to Find Royalty Free Images Online

Below is where to find free images and photography that you can use on your new website and on your blog posts. Small businesses can not afford to spend buckets of money on photos; take advantage of the free resources available for your new website development project. Bookmark this page to come back to it anytime you need new website images.

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16 Easy Tricks to Write Emails Faster & Better

Transform how you write emails to have happier, more responsive clients. Sick of clients not getting back to you in a timely fashion? Worried that you do not sound professional? Are your email recipients constantly “not getting” what you are trying to explain? These tips will fix it.

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