Must-Have SEO & Content Management Features

When it comes to your content management system, you want to have the best. Implementing the SEO must-haves listed below, as well as finding a CMS that meets the qualities provided will ensure you possess a great content management system.

SEO Must-Haves

  • Analytics: UA tracking support (the new UA) with flexibility to upgrade to GTM if choose to.
  • Unique page title and meta description input fields on each page/post/category.
  • Blog support
    • Blog roll auto-updating on a single page.
    • Add categories to blog posts.
    • Add images to blog posts that appear in the blog roll.
    • Social sharing buttons at the top and/or bottom of blog posts auto-added. Customizable selection of sharing button styles and channels.
  • XML SiteMap: Dynamically created and updated XML sitemap with ability to exclude pages.
  • HTML SiteMap: Dynamically created and updated HTML sitemap with ability to exclude pages.
  • Performance Enhancements: High speed/performance stats and standards. Here are a few specifics:
    • Caching
    • Compression
    • Images re-sized on upload and image sizes in HTML
    • CDN
    • External CSS (doesn’t use inline styles)
  • Mobile-Friendly: Responsive design (not a separate URL) with flexibility to move/hide modules in mobile view — for example, can hide large images and pull contact forms up).
  • Conversion tracking support for contact forms.
  • Robots.txt can be created and customized.
  • Semantic mark-up support.
  • Easy-to-edit widgetized, WYSIWYG content blocks.
  • Editable, adjustable site navigation and information architecture.
  • Ability to set external links to open in a new window.
  • Ability to set image alt text.
  • Customizable footer.

Look for a CMS with These Qualities:

  • Open-Source.
  • Allows website to be hosted outside the CMS company‚Äôs servers.
  • Works well on a Linux or Nginx server.

Questions to Ask the CMS Company:

  • What happens if the company who runs and updates the CMS goes out of business or decides to sell? Can I still use it?
  • Are CMS updates free and/or included? How often do updates occur?
  • What is the policy on keeping up to the latest HTML best practice standards? Does the company support HTML5? Any other coding limitations?
  • Do all website updates/changes have to go through the company? If not, where can you find developers for hire? Check into them, see how easy/hard it is to find a developer to do work on this CMS.

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By Lauren Lawton Perfors

By Lauren Lawton Perfors


Digital marketing expert who codes. President of, building mobile-friendly, search engine optimized websites for growing small businesses. 10+ years website SEO consultant. Navigating a farmhouse fixer-upper, energized by mountains and gin martinis, aspiring trail runner.


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