At Lawton Digital Marketing, we are very excited to be a part of a recent beta testing program for our favorite research, reporting and performance monitoring tool, RavenTools! Our feedback was mentioned in an update released by Raven that gives great insight to the testing program’s success. Check out our feedback and Raven’s testing program details on the articles on Yahoo! Finance or the Denver Business Journal. See a few screen shots of the new reporting format scattered throughout this post.

Lawton Digital has used RavenTools off and on for years, signing on permanently with my (Lauren Lawton Perfors, owner) full time shift to managing Lawton Digital this year, bringing all of our clients on to the platform. All of the chart previews on our Digital Marketing Performance Review page are from RavenTools reports.

Personally, I have used RavenTools off and on through various jobs since 2011! I remember when it was primarily an SEO tool. I have watched as its Google Analytics, social media, and research tools have grown over the years. Recently, I was most impressed with Raven’s interpretation of keyword ranking tracking, pulling in and tracking valuable data from Google and Bing’s Webmaster Tools to inform marketers of our overall organic search visibility through average search rank. Their approach addressed personalization of search results very effectively.
RavenTools previously had PDF reports that could be scheduled, compiled, exported and emailed to clients. Lawton Digital places a strong emphasis on data-driven marketing, and we back that theory with well-informed, no-fluff style reports! When we heard about Raven’s pending launch of report revisions, we jumped at the chance to beta test the new tool.

From our perspective for report compilation, we found:

  • Faster responses by the Raven system, less freezing (even in beta!)
  • Intelligent, intuitive groups of reports (called widget groups) to help us compile the best reports for our clients
  • Interactive widgets on every section that update in real-time for clients if we make changes
  • Lack of PDF export capability, which caused us a minor heart attack, but we think Raven may be developing this option

Putting ourselves in to our client’s shoes, clients will notice:

  • Upgrade to interactive widget-style reports that allow clients to click around to get more details in real-time
  • Reports that better match the RavenTools dashboard many clients log in to
  • Ability to view on the go with any device – desktop, tablet, smartphone! You name it, these web-based reports morph to a user-friendly view
  • Some customization decreases may mean more links to other PDFs for platforms Raven’s tool does not yet support such as Google+ insights or Facebook Ad insights. This is another one where we have to remember its still in beta, and Raven may be working on the ability to add custom imagery and text to reports as needed
  • Interactive table of contents serves as navigation to automatically move to specific parts of the reports.

Lawton Digital Marketing was thrilled to be a part of the beta testing program for Raven’s completely redesigned performance review tool. We also appreciated Raven’s fast responses to our questions and feature requests, and recent mentions in their announcement of the results of the reporting testing phase!

Check out Raven’s Reporting Engine Preview Video

Featured Image Credit: RavenTools Coming Soon Page

Lauren L Perfors is the owner of Lawton Digital Marketing, a digital marketing agency in Denver, Colorado. Lauren loves helping small business owners understand and manage their digital marketing campaigns and performance. Lauren runs, does CrossFit, and loves her outdoor Colorado lifestyle.