Diana is our new intern here at Lawton Digital Marketing. I sat down with her to learn a little more about her story.

First Impressions

On meeting her, My first impression is that if Emma Stone and Amanda Palmer had a co-spirit animal, it would probably be Diana. She has the poise and charming tact of Stone, coupled with the strength and intriguing eccentricity of Palmer. Oh, and she does hula-hooping/dancing as a hobby, which I imagine both mavens probably daydream about.
Spirit animal
Diana is currently a junior at the University of Denver and is studying marketing. She chose marketing because she feels it fits very well with her personality: “I love interacting with people, but I also have this conceptual/analytical side that fits well with it”. To indulge her creative side, Diana is also obtaining a minor in English.

Joining Lawton Digital

How did Diana connect with Lawton Digital? When Lauren gave a presentation on SEO (search engine optimization) in a marketing class Diana attended, she was struck by the complexity of the subject and the extent of Lauren’s knowledge.

“After the class, I called my mom and I was like, ‘Mom! There was this incredible guest speaker who came to my marketing class!’”.

In fact, Lauren’s presentation helped Diana decide what direction she wants to head with her marketing degree; SEO. She explains that the desire came from “Lauren bringing the idea of SEO to life. The personality of organic growth was so much more eccentric than I first understood. It was really fascinating to realize all of the different components which factored into simply getting a website seen”.

Diana with Ice Cream

The Family Business

Diana’s father is a successful business owner. He has grown his consulting boutique from a one-man shop to over an 100-employee firm. I asked Diana if this affected her educational and professional aspirations. She answers, “well, statistically people are likely to follow their parent’s occupational footsteps, so it makes sense that I took a business direction”.

Diana's father's thoughts on liberal arts degrees.

Diana’s father’s thoughts on liberal arts degrees.

But not of course without a little coaxing from her father she admits. “Originally I wanted to do something along the lines of environmental studies, but my dad persuaded me that business skills are highly flexible and apply to any industry, including NGO’s that increasingly operate like businesses.” All and all, Diana seemed pretty content with her choice in marketing.

On the Future of Marketing

When I ask Diana to name one thing she thinks technology will bring in the next 5 years, she responds that one problem she expects we’ll see more of is consumer generated rating manipulation on platforms like Yelp, Amazon, and Google reviews. “I chose my dentist in Denver because he had a lot of five star Google reviews…when I asked him about it he said that originally they had about 80 organic reviews. But they had recently offered an incentive to review by entering patients in a raffle if they reviewed the practice. They now have around 150 reviews.” This kind of incentivization practice is not actually allowed by Google, but here was a business doing something very questionable because it brought in value. Diana is curious how this will all play out; how will review platforms regulate their sites? And what creative ways will marketers find to ethically draw in more positive reviews? Time will tell.

Finally I Ask Diana Some Truly Pertinent Questions:

“What’s something weird about you?”
“I have this little pterodactyl screech I do when I get excited or am happy, you want to hear it?” (It sounds just like you would imagine.)

I ask Diana what one her favorite YouTube videos is and she shows me this:

“What superpower would you like to have?”
“I’d like to be able to see the history of any object I touch. It would be so cool to see that story and know absolutely everything about a particular thing. I could be the world’s greatest archaeologist, detective, or doctor!” Diana says her weakness would be requiring exorbitant amounts of sleep….something her friends can attest to.

“What do you hope to be doing on your 50th birthday?”
“Umm… probably backpacking through South America; from the very top, to the tip of Argentina, and then jumping down to Antartica if its still frozen by then. I hope that’s what I’m doing.”