Q & A Style with Lauren

What’s With the Old-School “Lawton” Name?

Hey! Lawton redefines cool. Just kidding. The name “Lawton” follows a tradition in my family to name your business after your family name. I planned to call it “Perfors” based on my married name, and my husband shot it down; you will have to ask me in person for that story. My parents, my father’s parents, and my mother’s parents all grew successful businesses from nothing on their own. Most of those businesses are still alive today. They all named them after our family names. All of the cool marketing names were taken anyways!

Where Did the Entrepreneurial Drive Come From?

Lauren as a kid.

Lauren as kid.

My first entrepreneurial experience was as a 5-year-old flying paper airplanes around my parents office. The employees who flew them with me didn’t last long (oops). My Dad’s words of wisdom and Mom’s killer sales techniques rattle through my brain regularly. My parents taught me to take responsibility for your own actions, which is incredibly important.

As a business owner the success of the company is up to me, and I like knowing that. While Lawton Digital Marketing launched officially in the spring of 2014, it grew in my head (and on spreadsheets) for years building up to that exciting moment. I have always had that drive – Lawton Digital is not my first business venture (a story for another day)!

Why Give Up a Steady Paycheck… to Start OVER?

People take comfort in seeing a steady paycheck come in, but technically that paycheck relies on someone else’s actions and decisions. Call it cynical, but it’s not a lack of trust in others. It’s about believing in yourself. My paycheck relies on me. If I can’t trust myself, who can I trust?! Trading Nordstrom’s for eBay for clothes shopping has it’s moments. It will be worth it in the long run. Besides, eBay has great stuff.

Was it Scary?

No. Not at all. I worked for a great company with whom Lawton digital is fortunate to be doing business with still today. They were incredibly supportive, which helped. I remember giving notice, then a few days later asking my manager when I could launch my website and social media advertising campaigns (I’m a planner). That question raised a few eyebrows – all in good nature. Suddenly, they understood why I always turned down happy hours; I was running home to work on my company’s launch preparation.

I kept my plans fairly quiet, including from my family. My husband knew. My parents found out by receiving my business announcement marketing letter (oops again)! Lawton Digital was born out of my passion for helping businesses navigate the online world combined with the neverending desire to grow a business. I do two things I love, what is there to be scared of?

Who Do you Turn to For Support?

What? Support?

I got this.

Just kidding. The person who supports me most is my husband. On March 31, 2014, I told him “ok, I’m ready!” I wanted to give notice the next day, on April Fools day. He talked me out of that, luckily. My husband’s unwavering support and confidence in me drove me to make the decision and to keep at it. He gave up a lot to give me the opportunity to make my dream come true. I have cooked him eggs and bacon for breakfast every morning since, so we’re square. What, you don’t think his equivalent of dream-come-true equates to eggs and bacon?

I can’t wait to continue on this path, delivering awesome results for clients and reaping the benefit – growth!