SEO For Your Brand

How do you optimize your brand for search? Yep I said your brand, NOT your website, on purpose.

SEO is Not Just Your Keywords… It’s You

Gone is the time of focusing 100% of your “SEO” on your website. Search engine optimization is all about your brand. Want to be known as the top wedding dress retailer in the New York area? It will be important to dominate the first page of organic search results for “New York wedding planner” and that is done by effective search engine optimization strategies on a variety of channels.

Part of Your Brand Strategy

The best way to think of search engine optimization today is as an extension of your brand’s marketing strategy, just like you take other marketing factors in to account. Every time you launch a new public relations campaign, you think of how it may reach your target audience, how it may impact your brand messaging, and how it contributes to accomplishing your marketing goals. Now, you need to add “how it will effect your brand’s organic search results” to the list. Enter SEO for your brand.

How to Make SEO & Brand Visibility Friends

Collaborate with your SEO on how to maximize your marketing campaigns to achieve maximum organic search visibility for your brand. That does NOT mean organic search for your brand’s terms, it just means to promote your brand with SEO. Perhaps your Denver copywriting agency website just fell to page 2 for the important keyword “best copywriter in Denver,” which in turn dropped your organic search traffic by 20% in the last month. Let’s say you have an upcoming blog writing push, publishing 20 posts over the next 14 days. Optimizing each post correctly for search engine rank could bring you back to the first page of Google and Bing for “best copywriter in Denver.” Boom!

Not only did your blog marketing campaign put out 20 awesome new content pieces to showcase to potential clients, you also bumped your organic search traffic up above where it was before! See how that works?

Where to Bring in Your SEO

SEO needs to be wrapped in to your marketing strategy at every level. Here are some of the most important areas to involve an SEO team:

  • When designing and launching a new website
  • For any and all new website content going live or changing
  • Every new marketing campaign that includes digital channels
  • When establishing new business partnerships (yep, you can leverage SEO here in MANY ways!)
  • When launching a paid media, affiliate marketing, PLA, display, or retargeting campaign
  • Anything and everything social media – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, SlideShare, Pinterest, Vine, I could go on…
  • Participating in an event (especially if your company is sponsoring or speaking!)

See? It should never be the question of to hire or not to hire an SEO. Rather, ask yourself if you are getting strategic enough with your SEO – do they know what your marketing plans are? That is how they can help.

Originally posted at SEO Your Brand for Organic Search, Author Lauren L Perfors
Image Credit: DuPage SEO