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Social Media Tools & Tips

Here are some of my favorite social media tools. Thanks to our team member Jonathan for putting together the infographic above! Here are a few more details about each social media management tool mentioned above.


Strong social media reporting and a dashboard that helps my clients understand the “big picture” of their digital performance without getting lost in minutia. The monitoring tool allows me to put in whatever term I want, brand or non-brand, and produces a feed that I can interact with on behalf of a client across multiple channels (Update: To my dismay, Raven has decided to discontinue the monitoring tool in May 2015). Check out a few examples of their visual-friendly social media reports. Finally, Raven lets me pull in two important types of performance stats in one report:

  • Engagement-based stats like reach and impressions
  • Website-based stats such as traffic driven from social channels


Great for Twitter-specific engagement and monitoring (bought by Twitter actually). Save and monitor hashtags and/or terms in feeds across columns. It’s free, very fast, and I love the UI. The one downside is a lack of native mobile apps — may be because TweetDeck was bought by Twitter in 2011.


I was a dedicated HootSuite user for years for monitoring, it’s biggest advantage is supporting a lot of different channels (Google Plus, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, limited degree of Instagram and Pinterest) in a single platform. My favorite way to use HootSuite today is creating a dashboard that pulls in the most recent posts gone live for all of my social channels (or those for a specific client). Seeing updates for every channel on one screen is very handy! HootSuite is still a good solution for content scheduling for agencies or large corporations. Unfortunately, every post that goes out through HootSuite’s scheduler includes a reference back to HootSuite. Posts with third-party tool references (like HootSuite’s) get less engagement (likes, clicks, shares, comments) than those generated natively. Scheduling is still frequently the only solution to maintaining a consistent voice on social channels. In most cases it is still better to schedule than to post erratically or have channels go dark for long periods.


Great for one-time or random searches for trending social topics (good for content expansion), researching related hashtags (pull in more users by diversifying hashtag use), and for monitoring on a more manual basis.

There are TONS of fantastic social media monitoring, reporting and management tools for everyone. What are your favorites?