Facebook Quizzes and Privacy

The most popular new Facebook quiz, called Your Most Used Words On Facebook, gives you a cute graphic of … your most used words on Facebook. Creepy. Many people might not know that such quizzes often gain access to all your personal Facebook data in order to work. Oh, and did I mention that a third-party virtually unknown company is running the quiz?

Now we all (should) know that Facebook has access to everything we do on their site (and more); if that bothers you, you probably should get off Facebook. A big well-recognized company is one thing, but the virtually unknown companies that make these fun quizzes using Facebook’s platform to reach users are another.

It’s a lot harder to trust the unknown firms behind these quizzes with your personal data, so we’ve made a quick guide on how to remove the quiz apps’ permissions to your Facebook account. It is easiest on a computer, but we included a guide on how to remove apps on Facebook Mobile too.

How to Remove Facebook Apps on a Desktop

Step 1
From the newsfeed screen, click on the Apps heading in the sidebar.
How To Apps 1

Step 2
Click on Settings in the top right of the “Apps” box.
How to Apps 2

Step 3
A Box will appear showing you a sampling of the apps you’ve authorized (I have 117!). After over 8 years of Facebook (and having been a teenager), I’ve authorized a lot of stupid quizzes. Just hover over one and click the X to remove. Some of the apps I’ve authorized I use as logins for sites I value, so I won’t delete those. Be careful not to delete access to apps you care about.
How to Apps 3
If you click on the little pencil icon, you can see and edit the access an app has to your data. Some of these apps gain access to all the info you’ve ever put on Facebook. Basically, authorizing these quizzes is like friending a stranger on Facebook (but who hasn’t done that?), and that stranger has the option of selling your info (fun!).
How to app 4

How to Remove Facebook Apps on Mobile

This method is slower and more laborious than if done on a desktop, so only do it on mobile if you have to.

Step 1
From the newsfeed screen, click on the menu button in the top right.
Mobile 1

Step 2
Scroll down until you find Account Settings NOT App Settings (does it make sense? No, but I don’t make the rules.)
Remove Facebook Mobile Apps

Step 3
At the next screen scroll until you find Apps, click on it.
Remove Facebook apps Step 3

Step 4
Click on Logged in with Facebook
Remove Facebook apps on Mobile step 4

Step 5
We are now (finally) at the list of apps, click on an app to go to app options.
How to remove Facebook apps on Mobile

Step 6
Scroll down to the bottom of this screen and click Remove App. You’ll get a confirmation prompt, and once you confirm, it’s deleted along with all permissions!
How to remove Facebook apps on mobile final step

We hope this helped you figure out Facebook apps, and maybe next time you’ll give a second thought to that “Which Type of Magical Celebrity Unicorn Are You!?” quiz.