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Did you know that Twitter’s Tweets are not in Google search results? Yep, you can access profiles and Tweets (depending on the users privacy settings) publicly on the web, but Twitter users actual Tweets do not appear in Google search results today for relevant terms and news. Fear not, they are coming now!

Twitter and Google recently reached an agreement to play nicely together in search. The change allows Google to pull and show Tweets in real-time in search results. Twitter benefits through increases in exposure by appearing in search results. They are positioned to bring in traffic from non-Twitter and logged out users through Google search.

What’s In It For Twitter

Twitter is about to get a huge boost in traffic by tapping in to the 12 billion searches per month on Google! Twitterers use the platform as a news feed, and about half of ALL referral traffic to major news sites right now comes from… you guessed it… SEARCH. With this deal, Twitter just effectively tapped in to about 2 billion news-related search results per month. That means more traffic from users AND non-users alike, opening a whole new world of opportunity for Twitter’s growing advertising platform.

Twitter takes a lot of flack for it’s comparably small user base as a publicly traded social media with a measly 300 million active users. 300 million sounds like a huge number… until compared to Facebook’s 1.2 billion. With those numbers, an advertiser is more likely to spend money on Facebook instead of Twitter (like me and our clients). If Twitter can start promoting advertising stats reflecting overall traffic instead of simply user base, they are better positioned to compete for advertising dollars.

What’s In it For Google?

Google searchers are demanding! They want informational updates on real-time news. Twitter in many ways has proved to be a superior resource for getting the most up to date results, and Google has not been able to keep up with Twitter’s ability to deliver users the absolute latest information practically as it is happening.

Google has acted on the demand for newsworthy real-time search results. Some of their more recent experiments (and added features) are sports scores, stock prices, news-related results (16% of searches), and more. Twitter takes their real-time capabilities to a new level.

Why Do You Care?

As a business owner or marketer, having a presence on Twitter may soon be worth pursuing. If already there, it will be time to amp up your game (and budget)! When Twitter gets more traffic, they have more room and an expanded traffic base (while not necessarily user base…), giving advertisers the opportunity to target and capture more ad impressions with sponsored Tweets.

While the change is most impactful for those capturing traffic for real-time news, social media advertising opportunities are far more widespread. Twitter is tapping in to Google’s search audience, which opens up a lot more doors to capture demographics outside of the 300 million active monthly users. If Google AdWords ads are too expensive or not your cup o’ tea, Twitter ads may soon be a more viable alternative for keyword-based advertising.

This Isn’t The First Time for Google & Twitter

Google and Twitter have played well together before. From about 2009-2011, Tweets appeared in Google search results via a section of search results called “real-time”. In 2011, Google decided to be a bully (in my opinion!) by removing Twitter from search results to make room for their struggling (and at the time, new) social media platform, Google+. Their recent decision to go crawling back to Twitter is yet another sign that Google realizes Google+ integration to a typical search results page is largely failing… as is Google+ as a social media platform – but that topic is a post for another day!

Personally, I am excited to see Twitter return to Google search results, and wonder if other social channel integration from the 2009-2011 era is soon to follow!

Do you want Tweets to return to search results? Are you more interested in Twitter ads with the Google search integration? Let us know in the comments!

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