Want to know what all the cool kids are up to? Here are three tech enterprises that are currently on Kickstarter, are more than fully funded, and exhibit some great marketing.

The Weird One: BATBAND

We’ll just start by showing you this video:

The BATBAND is kind of amazing; headphones you can wear that don’t interfere with your ability to interact with the outside world. They use bone conduction to transfer sound to your ear (what!?). While this idea is not new (there are bone conduction headphones for sale on amazon.com), they sure make it seem new and cool.

The presentation is Apple-level crisp and clean, though it did come across a bit rigid.

Is this robotYes Robot
While it’s a very cool idea, we don’t know if we (or anyone else) could pull-off the look of the BATBAND in public; the Geordi-La-Forge-glasses-on-back-of-head look is a tough one to own.

burton Glasses
It might help to know that the makers of BATBAND also brought us the ostrich pillow. Which, let’s be honest, is an awesome idea, but if used in public looks perfectly preposterous.

Ostritch Pillow
Don’t care, still want that pillow.

The Hip One: Robin Phone

Robin is a new kind of smart phone from a company called Nextbit. Its platform rests on utilizing cloud technology to provide a better smartphone experience. Robin manages smartphone storage for you automatically. As your memory fills, Robin uploads unused apps, data, and older photos to the cloud.

After watching the video, you might notice that Nextbit seems to be marketing its app more than its phone. It’s quite possible that the phone itself is merely a strategy for marketing their software. The Kickstarter page focuses on the software’s cloud capabilities, and the unique look of Robin, but then quickly skims over most other aspects of the phone.

Robin Cloud

Robin be bold

The majority of the video time is devoted to Robin’s software. Perhaps they are using the phone to create a grassroots demand for their product. Once they have a brand name, they can license the software on other Android devices (or sell out to Google?!).

Of course they could be using the software as a way to enter the crowded mobile phone market, as they have already raised more than $1,000,000. Time will only tell.

All we know is we will be getting the both the Robin phone and the BATBAND; they just belong together.

batband and robin

The Boring (but funny) One: Snooz Sound Machine

So this final product is again, nothing new. It’s a white-noise maker, sorry, *ahem* sound machine. It isn’t very novel; there are plenty of other noise makers out there that look like the Snooz. That’s why opting for a comedic approach for this Kickstarter video was a brilliant move; it makes a snooze-inducing message into an interesting and entertaining one.

The comedic video gives the marketers time to convince you that this white-noise maker is the shiz. I mean look at those curves, and that fan!

Ok, it does have an app to control it remotely (there’s an app for that) and it is pretty small as far as sound machines go, so we’ll give it that. And hey the marketing is great (after watching, we kind of wanted one, kind of), and other folks do too, they’ve already bought $236,000 worth of product.

You can check out the Kickstarter Page here.

Marketing Lessons

We noticed 3 things all these successful tech Kickstarter campaigns had in common.

1. Showing Off the Gritty

They all used a common (and effective) Kickstarter strategy of showing the work -concept to completion- that goes into the design of the product.

Snooze work

2. Luxury Factor

A crisp, sleek, Appple-esque showcasing of the product. Despite the differing tones in their videos, all 3 projects make their respective product look and sound highly elegant.

K Pages

3. Color

In case you didn’t notice, aqua and charcoal are IN! (apparently)

Snooze Charcoal CLoudMint and CharcoalCharcoal band