Digital Marketing Consulting

Consultants Who Get Small Business Marketing

We Communicate Like Normal Earthly Beings

Ya Know, in English; Not Marketing Jargon.

But If You Prefer the Fancy Lingo...

…then we provide strategic communication in a digestible manner through action-oriented recommendations that your internal team can efficiently implement to generate impactful, quantifiable results.

Does your head hurt now?

We Don't Say 'Utilize' When 'Use' Will Do.

Our Recommendations Are Actionable, NOT Theoretical

No, really. You can do stuff with what we say. Try us out and see.

Marketers Who Code

Oh, right. We speak Klingon too; errr coding. In other words, we can explain stuff to your developers.

How We Approach Digital Marketing Consulting

Lawton Digital Marketing lays out an easy-to-follow plan to drive qualified leads to your company’s website. We focus on social media and search marketing, two of the best and most affordable ways to drive quality leads. We coach you through building relationships with your potential customers. We take a holistic, data-driven approach to digital marketing, which is strategically tailored for your needs.

We Listen to You First

Most importantly, we listen first: listen to your company goals and current marketing tactics. Next, we work together with you to make a detailed, manageable plan that leverages the digital channels you need most.

Let us walk you through which social media channels to pursue, where to place paid media, how to blog about topics that attract leads, bring in organic search traffic, and gain a positive reputation with your existing and new clients.

We are innovative.

With us, your online marketing will be too.

Just ask Casey.

LDM is constantly teaching me new digital marketing strategies and techniques that are difference makers in my business (big time!). Put simply…when it comes to digital marketing, LDM keeps me ahead of the curve!

Casey Demchak

Copywriter & Consultant

Your Digital Marketing Consulting Program Structure

Wow, this heading is a mouthful. Translation: “how we set it up and how you pay for this.”

Online marketing consulting at a strategic level is best delivered with a recurring fixed monthly retainer. Our structure allows us to take the best care of you by designing a program that is tailored to your priorities. The consistent workflow gives you the confidence to know that we are available and ready to answer questions. We are an extension of your marketing team, here to drive your strategy as your partner.

P.S. We don’t do hourly. It doesn’t let us be proactive.

What Does Marketing Consulting Look Like

First, we do our marketing homework to figure out how to best target your audience. Next, we analyze the data from your website and your industry on the web. From the research and data analysis, we develop and deliver findings in an easy-to-read format. From our findings, we craft the solution: a customized digital marketing plan that will grow your customer base. Follow our easy digital marketing guide to success, or hand it back to us to implement.