Your Digital Marketing Report Channels

Stop Getting 18 Reports. Get 1, With Everything.

The real value in the Lawton Digital Marketing’s Performance Review Tool is not as much in the fancy data itself (although we think it’s very cool!). The true value lies in the insights you receive about the data. The analysis, monitoring and strategic insights that are custom-tailored to YOUR business priorities and goals are what is critical to your business’s online success.

All the main marketing channels your business is dependent on pull into one comprehensive location. That means statistics from your website traffic, details about your social media engagement, top ads from your PPC campaign, and your email campaign open rates come together in one report.
The result? A thorough overview of your digital marketing presence and growth.

*Like living on the cutting edge? There is a live, auto-updating dashboard available for our LDM performance review tool (in BETA). While it is welcome to be used, it is not yet written into LDM contracts since it’s evolving to meet the needs our client. Despite its BETA status, clients may have access to it right away with the understanding that glitches are still likely. LDM has worked closely with the provider throughout the beta stage, and the Dashboard looks very promising!

The Channels

Below is a list of the different channels we can add to your LDM performance report. These different marketing platforms pull into one beautiful, comprehensive report. Check out our Performance Tracking page for more examples of how we measure these channels.

  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Paid Search
  • Email Campaigns
  • Website Performance
  • Web Presence Links


  • Major Optimization Factors Audit (monthly, up to 500 pages crawled)
  • Keyword Rankings (using Google Webmaster Tools & Bing Webmaster Tools data, up to 250 keywords monitored)

Social Media

  • Twitter follower growth, interaction (@ mentions, retweets, reach), activity, website referral traffic
  • Facebook fans, reach, likes, comments, most popular posts, total reach, total talking about you, website referral traffic
  • YouTube views, subscribers, video-specific stats, website referral traffic
  • LinkedIn profile and/or page follower growth, post interaction, website referral traffic.

Paid Search

  • AdWords display, text and remarketing campaigns
  • Keyword, ad group, extension and campaign level data breakdowns
  • Cost, impressions, clicks, ROAS

Email Campaigns

  • Supported email marketing tools: MailChimp, Constant Contact, AWeber, Campaign Monitor, Emma
  • Bounces, open-rate, click-rate, website traffic (as is available through given email campaign provider)

Website Performance

  • Visitor Count
  • User Engagement (how long on site, pages viewed)
  • Most Popular Pages
  • External Campaign tracking (as long as campaign tracking setup in advance through Google Analytics, which LDM can help with)
  • Referral Source (how’d everyone get to your site)

Web Presence Links

  • Storage to track and monitor up to 500 links (Did a link you earned stay live? Is the site still there? Is it high-quality?).
  • Auto-updating features check for new website brand mentions and links.

Here’s an example of what your reporting dashboard will look like: