Google Analytics and Search Terms Glossary

So you can know what the heck all that data means.
Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors that arrive at your site and then leave after only viewing one page.

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Direct traffic is constituted from users typing your web address straight into their browser (or using a bookmark). They arrive at your site from simply typing your URL directly into their browser bar.

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Organic search traffic is non-paid visits to your website where visitors click through from a search engine like Google.

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Page views occur when a user visits any of your web pages. If someone visits 3 separate pages of your site, that counts as 3 page views for the entire website. Similarly, if someone visits one page 10 different times, that also counts as 10 page views for the whole site.

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Referral traffic is when someone comes to your site from an outside site that links to your own and is also not a from search engine.

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