Direct Traffic

Exactly What It Sounds Like

Short ‘N Sweet Definition of Direct Traffic:

Direct traffic is when users type your web address straight into their browser (or use a bookmark). This approach leads them directly to your site without assistance from a referring source or search engine and is therefore called ‘direct traffic’. For example, if you typed “” into your search bar right now, this would give Lawton Digital a direct traffic visit. See the visual example below.

Details! Tell Me More About Direct Traffic!

  • “Direct”: Originating not from any link, but from someone entering your site directly through their search bar in their web browser.
  • “Traffic”: People who come to your site through any route and stay for any length of time. Sometimes you can get traffic from “bots” these are computer programs that will look like traffic to the servers but are not actual people and provide no benefit to you.

Direct Traffic Visual:
Direct Traffic Gif

OK. OK. I Got It.