Organic Search Traffic

What Google Is Sending Your Way

Short ‘N Sweet Definition of Organic Search Traffic

Organic search traffic is composed of non-paid visits to a website that are driven by visitors clicking through from a search engine like Google. For example, if you Googled ‘Lawton Digital Marketing’ and clicked the first non-ad result, that would send organic traffic to Lawton Digital.

Details! I Need More On Organic Search Traffic!

  • “Search”: Traffic to your website that comes from a major search engine pulling up your site in their search results. Most of the time, this traffic is largely from Google. Sometimes, traffic also comes from Bing and Yahoo. Larger sites will also see small amounts of traffic from AOL, ASK, and a few other small-time (read between the lines: dying) search engines.
  • “Organic”: Organic is like saying “not paid for” or “not from advertising”. Not to be confused with the contents of Whole Foods (in fact, MUCH cheaper than anything at Whole Foods…)!

OK. OK. I Got It.