How To Set-up Invoicing Across Your Social Advertising Platforms

Marketers avoid accounting like the plague. This is why we love marketing: it seems the opposite of accounting in EVERY WAY. Don’t get me wrong, we respect accountants – they do all day long what makes us pull our hair out after half an hour.

But as effective marketers, we need to understand and maintain our own budgets. Generally, most marketers suck at it. If you are an exception, congrats. For everyone else, having eight different advertising channels (or more) with their own credit card charging threshold and set of rules results in a mess of transactions.

Why can’t they make our brains hurt less by lining up credit card charges on a monthly basis like the accountants make us budget? Apparently, that would be too easy, and AdWords, Facebook, and the rest would rather make our lives miserable by randomly charging our credit cards whenever they are in the mood.

Fortunately, some ad channels have created the option to receive and pay a monthly invoice for ad spend. In order to gain access to the coveted club where advertising channels allow for a monthly invoice, you must be prepared to spend a lot of money (every month, no exceptions), be certified in their platform through a series of annoying quizzes, and other fun-filled loops.

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Since we are slowly working our way through these, sharing the findings as we do the research and go through the process will hopefully make it a little less painful on the next marketer.

Set Your Facebook Threshold

Currently Facebook has no invoicing system. BOOOOO Facebook! Instead, they provide the option to set a billing threshold. This changes how frequently your card is charged. According to Facebook “If you have a billing threshold, you can change it to up to $750 USD (or the equivalent for your country) in the Billing section of your Ads Manager.”

Even though this is obviously not a solution to receiving an actual invoice, it can at least mimic the timing of an invoicing system. And more importantly, save you from a heinous accounting nightmare. Set a threshold by logging into your Ads manager, as detailed below:

  1. Login to your business account through the normal login page. Then navigate to ‘Manage Business’ in the dropdown on the far right.

  2. Facebook 2015-08-07 21-01-13

  3. Click into the Ad Account you want to alter.

  4. Navigate to the Billing tab and select ‘Manage Billing Preferences’.

  5. (9) Facebook 2015-08-07 21-21-18

  6. Set the threshold to your desired amount!


How to (Deal with Not) Setting-up Invoicing with Twitter Ads

Let me begin by saying: there is absolutely NO information on this subject on any Twitter forum, help manual, or blog post. When we asked them directly about invoicing, we were met with an automated service response, which we then had to rate ‘poorly’ in order to talk to a real person.

This was all to find that there is no way to alter any billing preferences in Twitter. This is the only platform on which we found no way to customize billing preferences. Twitter, you are behind buddy. Get with the program. You are not special enough to make both marketer’s AND accountant’s lives miserable.

If you’re crying in frustration right now, here are some steps to deal with the news:

    1. Consider making sense of your emotions by downloading Moodnotes, an app that coaches your mental health.
    2. Call your mom, she would love to hear from you.
    3. Control your anger before it controls you. Break some hangers and scream or sob into your pillow.

Anger Gif

How to Set-up Invoicing with LinkedIn Ads

Invoicing with LinkedIn is available to advertisers that have spent at least $3000 a month for two consecutive months. If you meet this requirement you can contact LinkedIn via this link:

Do NOT ask us how long it took us to find that link. Is anything ever easy on LinkedIn? No. No it is not.

With the majority of our clients being B2B, LinkedIn is a gold mine for social advertising. To be honest, we deal with their terms because (unlike Twitter) they offer targeting options worth begging for.

How to Set-up Invoicing with Google Adwords

~Elite Ad Agencies Only~

It is (technically) possible! Unfortunately the requirements are even more stringent than LinkedIn. Invoicing with Google Adwords is geared for ad agencies with an MCC account. To qualify for invoicing you must meet a $5000 spending minimum with one, single client for any 3 of the last 12 months. To clarify, you cannot meet this requirement with a combination of separate accounts in your MCC adding up to $5000. You have to have a single client with an Adwords monthly spend of $5000.

The other requirement is to be registered as a business with Google for a minimum of one year. If you meet these two requirements contact Google then visit this link:

  1. Then, navigate to the ‘Applying for monthly invoicing’ drop down and click the ‘Contact Us’ hyperlink.
  2. You should then be given an option for a mode of contact. We selected video chat (it’s super cool!).
  3. From there a Google employee will assist you with setting up a line of credit and the terms of your invoicing contract.

In conclusion (if you haven’t already arrived at it), invoicing for paid media platforms sucks @$$. These media giants make it difficult for any small/medium sized marketing agency to join their ivory-tower invoicing systems, if they even offer it at all.