Free Images for Content Marketing

Images & Stock Photos with Commercial Use Licenses

Great for Websites, Blog Posts, Display Ads, Social Posts

1. Unsplash

10 free every 10 days subscription and always recent sets live up there. Amazing landscape photography.

2. Pixabay

Huge free collection, some good quality images, their search engine stinks.

3. PhotoPin

Top results usually paid redirects to Shutterstock, after that tons of great options pulled in from Flickr Creative Commons that just require a back link. Code for back link provided.

4. Gratisography

Super fun and unique photos, stuff that is different from the gazillion landscapes, all totally free and no catches. BUT there is no search engine so it is hard to find exactly what you need if you have something specific in mind. This is one of my favorites. One of my clients uses this site exclusively for his blog post featured images, and the style he’s created is awesome.

5. Lifeofpix

All high resolution, all free with no restrictions. Also has no search engine but gallery is categorized. Lots of city images, urban views, objects, textures, and other categories in the gallery.

6. PicJumbo

By a single photographer, great category sorting and searchable. Lots of ads to avoid clicking, but all images are free and royalty free.

7. Pexels

Lots of different photographers. Has good stills like food, flowers, and objects. Also good for people shots. Has the outdoor landscapes that all of them have.

8. Goodfreephotos

All public domain license photos. Has a huge variety of travel locations, people, and sports. It also does a great job grouping photos by category and lets you search by keywords. Keep an eye out to make sure that you stay in the free section.

Other Creative Photography Solutions

Great tips for Web Design and social post needs

Partner with an Amateur Photographer/Graphic Design Artist

Find an amateur photographer or graphic design friend who could use free marketing/publicity. Offer to trade them photo credits for each photo (and a backlink if they have a website) in exchange for use of their imagery on your site.

Take Your Own Photos

Grab a smartphone or camera and take your own photographs. If you work with us for your website design, we can do a lot with an image + filters and photo editing, and we are happy to help!

By Lauren Lawton Perfors

By Lauren Lawton Perfors


Digital marketing expert who codes. President of, building mobile-friendly, search engine optimized websites for growing small businesses. 10+ years website SEO consultant. Navigating a farmhouse fixer-upper, energized by mountains and gin martinis, aspiring trail runner.


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