Instagram Business Profiles

Instagram has announced they will soon be implementing new tools that will help businesses stand out, find new customers, and gain valuable insights about the content they are posting. What do these tools mean for you? Let’s dive into the new features and take a look.

Standing Out

The biggest change that is coming are the business profiles, which will be a free feature that recognizes an account as a business on Instagram. A business profile will have a contact button and directions available so that customers can easily connect and find your business. With the business profile comes the ability to promote posts and see information about followers and interaction on your account.
Instagram ContactInstagram Contact 2

Promoting Posts

You will now be able to promote posts from straight in the app. You can pick a well-performing post and quickly boost it to reach prospective new customers. Within these promotions, you can add a “call-to-action” button, target an audience, or even let Instagram target an audience for you based on their suggestions. These promotions can help you attain previously unreached customers and bring in new business.
Instagram Call to Action


After you have created your business profile and started promoting posts, you will want to make sure you are reaching the audience at the best time. The new business profile insights make reaching your audience at the right time much easier. Demographic information, who is following you, how and when post interaction is happening, and other behavioral information will be freely available; making crafting posts for your audience and customers much easier.
Instagram Insights








Even with these new features, you might still be wondering if you need to be on Instagram. With over 400 million active monthly users, Instagram has become a significant social media outlet, but is it the right social media outlet for you? The honest answer is: it depends. It depends on the type of business you have, who you are trying to reach, and how much time you want to commit to your social media marketing.

Should Your Business Be On Instagram?

There are two central questions to figure out if you should be on Instagram.

1. Does your product present a great visual?
Instagram is arguably the most visually based social media platform. If you are selling tangible goods like food or apparel you will probably do well. Even some intangible goods can work too, for example if you provide photography or yoga classes. However, for businesses that provide services, Instagram may not be as beneficial unless you are willing to invest the time and money to create a strong visual brand.

2.Are you trying to attract a younger demographic?
Your target market matters in the decision to be on Instagram. The majority of Instagram users tend to be 18-29, so if you want an older audience, you may want to head to Facebook or LinkedIn. If you are trying to reach 18-29-year-olds, though, then you should create a business profile on Instagram, especially if your business is targeting college students (Which almost one in every three Instagram users is likely to be).

Instagram Infographic

In the end, the decision to be on Instagram comes down to if you have time to be managing the page. It would be detrimental to create an Instagram and then let it stagnate, as that can make you look like a dead business. If you do have the time, though, and the demographics, and a company with great products, then the new Business Profiles tools will be beneficial in reaching new customers and remarketing to old ones, and we suggest you create a profile as soon as the new tools launch.