I am proud to announce the full-time launch of Lawton Digital Marketing, owned by… ME!!

As of May 1, 2014, Lawton Digital will become my full-time job as owner…and sole employee (for now…) 🙂

Owning and growing my own business has been a dream for a very long time, but you probably do not really care about that backstory, so I will save it to bore you over a cocktail or coffee date. Although my business is ready to ROCK, some little things are still a work in progress, such as my website! Some services do not have a knock-out page yet, a few design elements still need to be worked on, and (gulp) yes, it even still needs to be “SEO’d”. Don’t worry, I’ll get there. In the mean time, I welcome your feedback, don’t wait for me to ask, tell me how to be better anytime!

Our Starting Services!

Let’s get down to business. LDM (Lawton Digital Marketing) launches with several services available right away, including but not limited to:

WordPress Website Development & Management

In slightly less fancy terms, that means we will build you a website, teach you how to use it, host it, and keep it secure and maintained for you. Learn More About Our WordPress Websites for Small Business

Online Marketing Consulting & Strategy

Now that you have a fancy schmancy new website (designed by yours truly), let’s get some traffic to it and earn you some money! Let me walk you through which social media channels to pursue, how to blog to drive qualified leads, bring in organic search traffic, get your products listed on Etsy and SELLING, and more. Slapping a hand to my own head, I have not yet completed a super cool page to talk about this service, soon to come!

Online Marketing Campaign Execution & Management

Just want me to do it for you? Cool, happy to. Spend your time on what you do best, and let me worry about how to make Twitter bring you in the digital limelight in 140 characters or less, getting your paid search ad text to stand out from that annoying other guy who was always #1, and how to make that map listing thingy put YOUR business first on Google.

Don’t see the service you are looking for in my list above? If I can’t help you, my local business network of fantastic partners definitely will, so reach out anyways and I will send you to good hands.

Bonuses of Our Services

Our new services come with some super sweet features built-in, including:

Web Stats – Track Your Progress

Analytics comes with EVERYTHING. No, really, everything. Setting up a website with us? Getting us to help you grow your Facebook profile? Either way, we will set up a report for you that gives you monthly counts of visitors, how long people stay on your site, and what pages they like best. No ongoing fee, it just comes to you every month, like magic. Check Out Fun-Filled Screen Shot Analytics Examples & Details

It’s All “SEO’d”

SEO best practices are built in to EVERYTHING. Again, yep SERIOUSLY! Our WordPress websites come with the latest important SEO factors built-in. I worked in SEO for years, and I got pretty darn good at it in the last few years, so no need to go pay some random dude in a basement (sigh, I know, I can’t judge those dudes anymore, but I am NOT in a basement!) to do mysterious SEO stuff. I will take care of it. SEO is built in to everything I do, from websites to Analytics to local marketing to social media. It all matters.

Celebrate With Me – Launch Promotion!

From what I read, the average attention span of a blog reader is about 8 seconds these days, so if I still have you, I am guessing you are a PHENOMENAL family member or friend, and I appreciate your dedication to reading my ENTIRE launch post announcement. If you need services or refer services to me, give me this code when you sign up: LDMLAUNCHPROMO for 10% off of your first recurring invoice or $100 off of your first project! This is good for 30 DAYS! So go on, get referring… or contact me today!

Finally, please show your support by connecting with LDM on social media. Don’t know what social media is (Dad… hang in there…I will walk you through this)? I make it easy: click the link then hit “Like” or “Follow” and then pat yourself on the back – you have completed your Lawton Digital supportive duties for the night.