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You have a website. You have an established business. You know you should blog. You should run some ads… somewhere, somehow. But where? How? Where does your target audience spend time online? How do you wade through the hundreds of online channels to connect with your future customers?

Lawton Digital Marketing lays out an actionable plan to drive qualified visitors to your company’s site. We take a holistic, multi-channel approach to digital marketing, which is strategically tailored for your needs. Learn more about our Digital Marketing Consulting Service.

Campaign Management

What you need is time. Spend your time on what you do best, and let us worry about:

  • How to make Twitter bring you into the digital limelight in 140 characters or less.
  • Getting your paid search ad text to stand out from that annoying other guy who was always #1.
  • How to make that map listing thing put YOUR business first on Google.
  • Wade through Facebook’s 2 billion users to tap into the 100,000 who need your service.

If we can’t help you, our business network of fantastic partners definitely will. We are an extension of your team, and we will find the best solution for your company to grow.

Lauren’s expertise in search marketing and engaging presentation style blended to create an engaging guest lecture. We were honored to have Lauren share her insights and experience on search marketing in our Introduction to Digital Marketing class at Daniels business school. Lauren infused her presentation with practical tips and good humor – she is a gifted digital marketer and storyteller.

Lora Louise Broady

Adjunct Professor & Marketing Strategy Consultant, University of Denver

Lawton Digital Marketing Approach

Do not hire Lawton Digital Marketing just to send a few marketing emails on your behalf, or to hyper focus SEO on one keyword. We are good at email marketing, and we are great at SEO, but that is not what we do best!

Hire Lawton Digital Marketing as your Digital Marketing Expert and Consultant, and together we will come up with and execute the best plan to help you grow and exceed your goals.

The customized plan is built for you and your business, your industry, and focused on your priorities. It is normally comprised of a combination of website upgrades, SEO, social media engagement, paid media advertising, and email marketing, or just one or two of those. There is no out-of-the-box package for your small business digital marketing services, because your business does not fit in to the same box as anyone else’s. You have something unique to offer as a business owner and marketer, let’s tell the world online together!

Are you a small business? This program is built just for you.

Game Time!

From each of the titles below, guess which online marketing channel consumers use. Sometimes, there may be more than one correct answer, so don’t beat yourself up if your answer is different. Hit the + sign after each to see if you guessed correctly.

Hint: All of your options for answers are listed in tabs below!

For Fun, Communication, and Networking

Social Media

For Researching, Information Seeking

Search Engines

News, Education and Entertainment

Content Web Sites & Blogs



Brand-Specific Research & Company Information

Company Websites

Online Marketing Channels

Now that you know the major ways that people use the web, let’s talk through how each channel is used by consumers and by marketers!

As you just learned in “Game Time!”, social media is used by most people online for fun! When we engage on social media, we need to cater to the reasons a person is already using a social platform. Here are some of the more popular channels that Lawton Digital may recommend and help you with for your business:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest

…and many more.

Search engines are used to efficiently connect people with information. To best optimize for search, we provide the answers to the industry-relevant questions people are seeking when they visit a search engine. Then we make those answers easy to find through two main channels:

  • SEO, or search engine optimization, earning trust and showing Google that you have the best-quality response for a given query.
  • Paid Search, also called pay per click (PPC), buying text ad space on search engines.

The search engines that dominate US search market share are:

  • Google (you already knew this!)
  • Bing
  • Yahoo! (Fun fact: Yahoo’s search algorithm is actually powered by Microsoft Bing)
  • YouTube (also a social media channel!)
We had trouble naming this category. Content marketing carves out a gigantic piece of an effective digital marketing campaign, but also does not fit smoothly under any other category, so it is hard to place! Web users check their favorite local news channels online, read their favorite financial articles on a regular basis, follow their favorite recipe blogs, and much more. They also can and will follow their favorite brands for new content. They want to stay informed, up to date on recent events, and entertained through fresh website content. Here are some of the places fresh content commonly lives:

  • Entertainment Aggregation Sites like Chive & Buzzed
  • News Sites like Fox, NBC, and CBS
  • Industry-Focused Blogs devoted to any category from organic food shopping to international trade opinions to sports
  • YOUR company blog!
We email to communicate everything and anything. We stay in touch with friends and family, organize events, collaborate with colleagues, get informed of the latest discounts for our favorite brands, pay our bills, and get notices for topics that interest us.

When people agree to receive email from you as your company or you as a personal friend, they are asking to stay in touch with you. Keep in touch with those interested in your company and brand, and check in regularly to ensure that the information shared through your emails is exactly what they signed up to receive.

Here are some types of information to share through email marketing:

  • Discounts, Special Offers
  • Company Updates
  • Invoices, Balance Statements (all sorts of upset opportunities here!)
  • Industry-Specific Information, Tips & News
Did this section REALLY have to be separated from “Content Websites & Blogs”? I vote absolutely yes. Your blog may be a key part of your website, sure, but your company website is the foundation for your brand. It is not only a channel by itself serving an important function in your sales cycle, it also is the primary place you want your traffic to ultimately drive to from all of your other channels – social media, email, blogs, paid media.

Your website is your 21st century storefront. Would you ever leave your business’s physical office without vacuuming the floors, setting the alarm and locking your door? Would you ever have a physical store without a sign outside? Your website needs the same level of attention, with a modern, easy-to-find design, optimized content, and maintenance updates. Chances are, most of your visitors will see your website long before they ever see your clean floors and big sign. Your website has become your new first impression.

Here are some important pieces to every brand website:

  • Company information
  • Examples of company work, products or services
  • Contact information
  • Blog

Learn more about what’s important on a great website, and how Lawton Digital Marketing can help get you there.

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I believe one of the benefits of attending graduate school is that you are able to meet new, like-minded peers and learn alongside one another. In my case with Lauren, it was that I was able to learn FROM her each and every week during our Internet Communications class at DU. It was clear after the first few classes that Lauren’s knowledge and experience with SEO, PPC, Analytics (the list goes on) was on a different level than the rest of my classmates. There’s no doubt that she could have been teaching the course. She’s clearly an asset to the entire New Media & Internet Marketing program.
*Originally posted on LinkedIn

Chad Jelinski

Tech Startup Hustler & DU Grad Student

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