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Save money AND save your traffic by hiring an SEO consultant for your next website project.

Website redesigns wreak havok on your SEO

After a website redesign, your organic traffic can disappear. Don’t let it happen.

You Need an SEO When…


Building Your New Website


Re-designing Your Website (and/or a CMS change)


Launching new products or services.


Need more organic search leads through your website.

Website SEO Consulting Project Details

Business Strategy

We won’t come back with a gigantic templated list of “SEO best practices.” Who has time for that?
Instead, we will give you a customized solution by cross-checking the most important SEO elements against what’s going to help you grow your business.


You just need to know what’s going to work. You’ve read blog posts on SEO yourself, you get the basics. We tell you what to do next to make the biggest impact, and how to do it.



Video chat with us, call us, or email us anytime. We’re your SEO partner and consultant.


We track it all, and deliver stats on your website visitors, keyword effectiveness, and Google search keyword rankings.

Integrated With Your Team

We speak nerd, errr… developer lingo. We build websites too, remember? Since we can speak to developers in a language that they understand, we can guide your development team to get SEO tasks done that impact your bottom line.

Project Planning

You don’t need to micro-manage us. We take care of the project management for you.

Website SEO Consulting Project Details


Benchmark Current Website Stats

What keywords are driving traffic and leads to your website right now? We tell you the most important pages of your site for SEO, and what search terms are converting leads. We will make sure that all revenue-driving search ranking and content transitions to your new website.


On Your Website Developer Calls

We speak nerd. We will be on your website update and decision-making calls with you and your developer. Developers like us because we understand the limitations and challenges they face in getting the perfect user experience for your new website, and that we always give them reasonable solutions. We will work hand-in-hand with you and your website developers to make sure that your design and code is SEO-friendly. We play well in the sandbox with others.


FREE Keyword Reports

Don’t know how to see your keyword ranking performance for free yet? No problem, we will show you how to look at, analyze and review your keyword search ranking for free anytime.


Make Your Organic Search Presence BETTER

Research and tell you what keywords you SHOULD be targeting and aren’t yet. When your new website launches, you’ll be ready to drive more organic search traffic than ever before.


Guiding Your Content

Have you heard “content is king?” If not, you’re behind on your SEO blogs, but that’s what we’re here for! Content is the key to success, and we’ll be both guiding you with specific keyword placement recommendations, content length and helping organize your content for optimal SEO impact.


Review Your Coding Structure

Google doesn’t “see” your website like you and I. Google search reads your website’s code to figure out what the site is all about. Your website needs to use the right code in the right way to make sure that Google can understand it. Your sitemap is like Google’s table of contents to your site. Your robots.txt file is like the roadmap key, is yours setup well? If not, we’ll help you fix it and we will make sure the rest of your new site is Google search-friendly.

Cost and Rates Structure

Our Fees Are Setup With Small Business in Mind

Fixed Project Price

Keep your budget simple.

No Long Term Monthly Commitments

We earn your business with a project, then we earn your business with the next project. Hire us where and when you need us.

Try Us Out Hourly First

Make sure we’re a good fit.

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