Referral Traffic

Who's Sending You Business?

Short ‘N Sweet Definition of Referral Traffic

Referral traffic is incurred when someone comes to your site from an outside site that links to your own, and is also not a from search engine. Say wrote an article on Lawton Digital’s Page Title & Meta Description Tool and included a link to it in their article, driving traffic to our page. The traffic sent from their website to ours would be an example of referral traffic.

Wait! I Want More Details on Referral Traffic

Referral: A referral is any link on another site other than your own that sends people to your website. This can be from a friendly site, your own social site, or even your own ads.

Referrals as they appear in Google Analytics:
Referrals in GA

Referral detail examples, and how to find them:
Referral Examples

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