New Website SEO Consulting

New Site SEO Challenge

Our client, a software development company, was building a whole new website for their brand. Oftentimes, transferring to a new website can be a hit to search engine optimization (SEO) if not done right; ranking on search pages will fall and the company loses traffic until it once again builds up a rapport.

The SEO Strategy

We wanted to take advantage of the site rebuild and not just make the site rank as before, but use this chance to make it rank even better than before. We developed a comprehensive plan to overhaul the SEO and get that organic traffic rolling in.

The Digital Marketing and SEO Plan

  • Performed an SEO audit of the old site, finding all the areas we could use to improve where the site showed up on search engines.
  • Created a comprehensive checklist for our client so that they could implement changes as they built the site.
  • Created new page titles and meta descriptions targeting keywords our client wanted to capture.
  • Created alt text for every image on the site so that images showed up in searches, and were accessible for the vision impaired.
  • Ran a final site audit to make sure nothing was missed.

SEO Audit

We looked throughout the site to find all the ways we could improve search rankings. We examined titles, meta descriptions, URL structures and more.

We took note of all the elements we could change that would help bring results to our client. These included better-targeted and descriptive page titles and a site structure that would be easily readable by search engines.

Optimization Audit Screenshot

Website Launch Checklist

Based on our audit and research, we created a checklist for our client so that –as the site builder– they could implement all the changes they needed to on their end.

A checklist of SEO optimization

Page Title and Image Description Optimization

We created new, targeted, concise titles and descriptions for 48 web pages. We also logged and created accurate descriptions of nearly 100 images on the website.

SEO Titles Optimization

Extensive Digital Marketing Consulting

Before and after the site transfer, we provided our client with extensive digital marketing consulting and ad management. This included blog reviews, regular keyword research, and LinkedIn ad management.

Sample LinkedIn Stats



Organic Search Growth

1st Page Ranking

The site began to rank on the 1st page for key search terms like:

  • UX Company
  • UI Development Companies
  • UI Technology


Blog Traffic Growth

Mission Accomplished

Search Traffic Up 55%

Traffic in the quarter following the site transfer (Q3) was up 55% compared to the same quarter the year before.

Blog Traffic Up 99%

Blog traffic had increased 99% YTD by the 3rd quarter of working with Lawton Digital Marketing!

New Website Wins

After the transfer, traffic to the site had increased by the end of the quarter. The site also was easier to find on search engines under new keywords.

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