SEO Strategy

Great Content in the Dark

Our long-time client Casey Demchak, a marketing message copywriter, writes fantastic fresh content. Casey is by far our most disciplined content marketing client. However, his blog posts and website content were rarely being seen in organic search, resulting in a lot of useful content with no resulting traffic and lead generation. That’s where we came in.

SEO Strategy

Casey needed a strategy that leveraged his frequent and valuable fresh content to drive more qualified traffic to his website. Lawton Digital Marketing created and executed a digital marketing plan to pull Casey’s site into the light. Here are the highlights of the plan, with each described in more detail below.

The Digital Marketing Plan

  1. Researched & laid out the most effective search terms (Keywords) based on Casey’s goals and website.
  2. Organic Search Marketing (SEO) Audit of
  3. Rebuilt with a modern, streamlined look & packed it with highly targeted content.
  4. Launched new optimized page titles and meta descriptions on each page based on our earlier keyword research.
  5. Trained Casey how to write effective page titles and meta descriptions using our SEO-friendly page titles and meta descriptions tool.
  6. Provided a list of the most effective hashtags and terms for Casey to use in Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn posts based on keyword research and his desired target audience.
Scrolling through a list of keywords

SEO Audit and Keyword Research

We dug deep into Casey’s website, finding all the areas that we could optimize the site for organic search (SEO).

We also researched the best keywords to help gain visibility based on his target audience searched on Google.

We provided Casey with multiple consulting sessions on how to naturally incorporate the keyword list we provided in to his on-site page content and blog posts. Casey is one of our favorite clients as he LOVES our training sessions! Over the years, Casey has become a knowledgeable SEO copywriter through our frequent consulting time. We use screen sharing tools to live-train with video. We record the sessions, then provide the recording to Casey along with a written session recap.

Optimized Modern Website

We redesigned Casey’s WordPress website to keep it in line with modern web standards, faster, and on the cutting edge of design trends in his industry. Compare this site to his competitors, we dare ya!

Casey’s sparkly new website was recently recognized by Elegant Themes as an excellent resource to learn more about copywriting!

SEO Website Preview
Typing a title into a box prompt

New Optimized Page Titles and Meta Descriptions

We rewrote the page titles of each page of Casey’s new site to align with his keyword strategy. We take into account search terms, brand visibility (every impression in a Google search is a branding opportunity!), and accurately describing the content for a digestible search snippet.


Screenshot showing traffic growth of 132.73%

Overall Traffic Growth

Casey’s website traffic increased over 130% in the past year! The vast majority of visitors were new to the site.

Organic Search Traffic Skyrocketed

Organic search traffic increased over 188% year-over-year!

Screenshot showing 188% Search Growth
A glowing testimony from Casey Demchak

And a Happy Customer

Casey always let’s us know how we are doing, and we love to hear it!


Traffic Growth


Organic Search Growth

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Casey Demchak

Copywriter & Consultant, Creator of the Core Message Platform