New Location Promotion

Digital Marketing for Small Business

The Challenge

Our client was opening up a new counseling location. They wanted to get the word out and get their counselors booked with clients as soon as possible.

The Campaign

We designed a campaign with two targets:

  • Those within easy driving distance of the new location.
  • Current customers and their friends, families and communities.

Location Targeted Ad

We created a targeted Facebook ad to those within the area of the new counseling location. We tested a variety of images and ad text variations. This particular Facebook ad outshined the rest!

It garnered 18,000 views, 11 shares, and 444 clicks to a landing page all about the new location. Those clicks came in at a cost of just $0.70 each!

The Promoted Posts

With the help of our client, we also created and promoted two Facebook posts that went out to people (and their friends) who had ‘liked’ the business on Facebook. Check out the best performing promoted (also called sponsored) Facebook post to the right.

Promoted Post Results

The boosted post above brought in over 55 clicks directed to a landing page about the new location. The post generated 100 likes, and 3,000 people saw it! This was all for just $15! That’s just over $0.25 for each click to the website! #SUCCESS!!

Campaign Results

What did all of this do for our client? We will let their response speak for itself!

Mission Accomplished

530 Website Clicks

More than 530 clicks to the new location landing page and video update.

25,000 People Reached

25,000 folks reached on Facebook, the vast majority of whom were within 10 miles of the new counseling office.

$0.65 per Click

When Google Adwords can cost upwards of $5-$10 per click, and most Facebook ads cost $1.50+ per click, this was an incredible rate!

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