We Marketed a University’s Scholarship Contest

We handled two similar campaigns in 2014. The campaigns themselves were the brain-child of Volume 9 who oversaw their execution. Both contests had a $10,000 grand prize scholarship to the University, and every eligible applicant would receive a $1000 scholarship. It was a great way for the University to find prospective students and give to the community.

The campaigns were just a few days long but there wasn’t much time to prepare before they launched. Good thing for our clients we are quick on our feet; we created ad campaigns in both Facebook and Twitter, with Facebook as the main focus.We had fun and our client was happy with the results.

*While the University gave us permission to publish their results on our website, we are leaving their business name out of our text to ensure we do not accidentally swipe any search results from them for future scholarship campaigns. To see the name of the University, take a close look at some of our example social posts.


We created a Twitter Campaign that included a number of different tweets and Twitter ads (like the one shown here). While we definitely received a lot of impressions and clicks, Twitter did tend to be a bit less predictable than Facebook for our purposes, so we gave it less of a budget.




Notable Twitter Ads and Results

While we had at least 10 promoted tweets, Twitter seemed to choose just one or two that it would push the most. Like the Tweet above which accounted for nearly half of website clicks.

Below is tweet that had a much lower cost than other tweets, however it did not gain traction and only produced 17 clicks. This tweet was also late to the game, alerting folks that this was their last chance to enter the scholarship contest.

Twitter Website Clicks

Tweet Impressions




Our Facebook campaign was our main outlet. We created a campaign with multiple audience targets and tested ad interest of local (Colorado) and national audiences. We found that the national audience seemed to respond more readily, this helped us decide where to put our budget. We monitored our campaign turning off any ads that were not performing optimally, and noting which one’s did the best. Below are a couple of our top performers.

This Ad received over 2000 website clicks at an average cost of $1.60/click, its reach was over 390,000 people. If you are wondering, we used Canva to create our ads.


This ad received over 1700 website clicks at an average cost of $1.50/click. It reached over 300,000 people. We discontinued this ad when its frequency (number of times each targeted viewer had seen it) reached 4.


Website Clicks From Facebook

People Reached Through Facebook

Average Cost Per Website Click

Current Campaign

We recently designed a new contest campaign that (as of publication) is currently running.  We learned from our two previous campaigns so we were able to optimize targeting for this essay contest. Currently the Facebook ads have generated nearly 8,000 website clicks at the average cost of $0.63/Click!






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