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Marketers Building Great Websites

Lawton Digital stands apart as a team run by experienced marketers. We will talk you through how to setup your website to attract new customers and retain your current client base. We will walk you the website development process step by step, providing digital marketing consulting advice every step of the way. We are marketers who code, building a website that will set you up for success.

Fueled by Passion for Small Business

We are a small business too. We care about your success, and that fuels the passion that makes us great. With a small business, every dollar counts. We are here to build the best website you have ever had to represent your company online.


On Google Search

90% of your customers look for you on Google. If you aren’t there, you’re missing 9 out of every 10 opportunities


Your customers will be able to find your website, browse through it, click for directions, and even fill out your contact form or complete a purchase all from their smartphones.

Owned By You

YOU own your new site. You are not “renting” it from us, and we do not hold it hostage. You get the same access to it as we have.

Showing You Stats

See how many visitors your website gets, how long they stay, and how many fill out your contact form or call you.

Easy to Update

You can update your own website! No coding needed.

Taken Care Of

We will take care of your website for you. We keep it secure, updated and can help you with questions and changes over time.

Make It Easy to Grow Customers Through Your Website

Automate marketing and customer service by integrating your email marketing, social media, customer scheduling, news feeds, and more.

Below are just a few of the small business marketing and customer service automations we can do for you.


Event Scheduling


Product Checkout & Payment


Advertising Tracking


IDX Real Estate Listings Integration


Video & Image Backgrounds


News Articles Feed


Client Portal for Your Clients


Surveys & Forms


Auto-Updating Blog Feed


Auto-send leads to SalesForce or Your Favorite CRM


Yelp Reviews Feed


SSL (https)


Customer File Upload Forms


Customizable Email Forms


Auto send blog posts to your email database


Review Promotion email Program & News Feed


Visitor Tracking


Downloadable PDFs & Files


Embedded Videos


Customized Email & Lead Prompt Pop-Ups

We have been developing websites for small businesses in WordPress since before everyone knew what WordPress was. You can’t afford to pay a developer a fortune every time you need to make a change to your business hours or tweak your home page’s introductory paragraph. Your new website will allow you and your team to make content changes yourself, no coding knowledge required.

Your website will also grow with you. In marketing lingo, it is scalable. Launching a new product? No problem, add a page. Wondering how many visitors you get? You’ll know, because your new site will track your visitors and report them to you every time you log in!

As a small business, you don’t need 6 months spent on developing a custom framework that goes through 8 layers of branding and messaging approvals and costs a bajillion dollars. Leave that mess to Coca-Cola. Your new website will be ready in 6-8 weeks. And we walk you through every step of the way. Working with a team of marketers has an awesome advantage – don’t know what your navigation should look like (you may call them “tabs”)? That’s ok, we will guide, advise, and solve those marketing challenges to get your content just right to represent your company well.

When speaking with you, we speak English, not  Klingon developer lingo. Explanations from us are easy to understand. You will always know where we are in the process through our recurring progress updates.

When your new website is done, we will get on the phone together to teach you how to use it. Have a bad memory? Don’t worry, we give you video screencasts and a concise training document for how to access and update your new website.

My new web site is receiving great reviews from clients, thanks to Lauren. Lauren’s strategic advice and work ethic are exceptional, and she’s a joy to work with…

Casey Demchak

Copywriter, Coach & Consultant

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